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Meet Kate + Bailey

We're long time friends, doulas, photographers, birth enthusiasts + co-creators of Birth Untamed. But at the end of the day, we're just two regular moms who care deeply that you feel safe, supported, and empowered during your journey into birth and motherhood.

How'd we get here?

Our paths first crossed when we both attended Northern Arizona University. We reconnected after graduation when Bailey attended the birth of Kate's first son as her doula. Shortly after, Kate dove into birthwork and the two of us teamed up to better support local families.

In our combined decade of experience, we have explored different models of care and continually return to the roots of our initial partnership, which is why we created Birth Untamed. In this space, standing beside our team of raw + like-minded women, we feel aligned, empowered, and held. We trust that the support we provide for each other spills out into support for the families we walk alongside in birth.

Our mission at Birth Untamed is to gently guide you through your pregnancy to a place where you feel wildly capable of birthing your baby.

She truly labored with me through my birth experience. She knew exactly what to do in each stage and worked hard to keep things progressing and me comfortable.

Labor + delivery can feel daunting and overwhelming but having the support of these amazing doulas made it feel calm and beautiful.

She was so patient, calming, comforting- I really do not have the proper words to describe her support. We trusted her completely and she kept me focused and calm through labor to the moment I met my daughter.

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We want you to experience your best birth. 

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