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Birth Preparation + Intentional Support for the Untamed Mother

We offer a variety of services to honor your journey into motherhood.

Pick what you vibe with and get started!

Listen, we get it.

We know that birth costs add up quickly. We also deeply believe that your birth is worth investing in. You, your health, and your baby are worth the investment, Let's value and celebrate your birth + postpartum as the monumentous life events that they are.



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Quick tips to source doula funds:

⋒ Allocate wedding cash to a future childbirth fund.

⋒ Check with your insurance + employer for HSA/reimbursement options.

Consider asking for donations in place of items at your shower.

⋒Use that first trimester nausea to your favor and forgo eating out.


Birth Untamed

15% Off All Items

Untamed Birth Support

$1399 labor + birth support


⋒ Access to the entire Birth Untamed team of doulas

⋒ One comprehensive prenatal meeting with two doulas from the team

⋒ Childbirth Education credit up to $150

⋒ Mini Mama Blessing Kit from Sage Circles 

⋒ Text + phone support throughout pregnancy

⋒ On call phone support 24/7 beginning at 38 weeks of your pregnancy

⋒ In-person support on your birthing day, and 1-3 hours after baby's arrival to assist in golden hour

⋒ One postpartum visit to help process + settle in

Referrals to additional resources, as needed

$1799 labor + birth support, PLUS photography

⋒ All of the above, plus a hand edited gallery of those raw + beautiful moments bringing your baby earthside 

Untamed Postpartum Support

$28/hour - various packages available

Settling back into life after welcoming your baby can be beautiful, intimate, natural,,,and challenging. Wouldn't it be nice if you had someone around to help with the seemingly endless laundry, the dishes, meal prep, etc? Don't worry, we've got you. Our individualized postpartum support in your fourth trimester can look like...

⋒ Light housework and meal prep to keep things running while you focus on bonding + recovering

⋒ Emotional support on those days where it all just feels like too much

⋒ An in-house postpartum + newborn guru to answer any questions. No need to frantically Google!

⋒ So much more



15% Off All Items

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